Sewing Machine Tools


Sewing Machine Tools

We have tools and gadgets to suit all budgets and to help you create your perfect sewing project. So whether you’re treating yourself to a new pair of scissors or just topping up on those day to day essentials such as pins and needles they’re all here to help you make your garment look super professional. The right marker pens and pencils, scissors, needles, measuring tools, knives and cutters will save you so much time and help you to achieve the results you want

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                                   Bias Tape Maker

                                   Fabric Weights

                                   Loop Turners

                                   Marker Pens and Pencils

                                   Needle Threaders

                                   Straight Pins and Safety Pins

                                   Rotary Cutters and Accessories


                                   Seam Rippers

                                   Sewing Kits

                                  Tape Measures

                                  Textile Adhesives


                                  Thread Wax

                                  Tracing Wheels