Alex I Askaroff

Alex I AskeroffToday I want to introduce you to an amazing guy, Alex Askaroff. He is a World Leading expert in all things Sewing Machine. What he doesn’t know about sewing machines is not worth knowing. In fact I would have to say that it is probably true that there is nothing he does not know about Sewing Machines.


Alex I Askaroff was born and raised in Sussex, England and still lives in East Sussex. As he was growing up he was surrounded by sewing machines as his family has been in the Sewing Machine Industry for many generations. It was a natural progression that he, too, should enter the sewing machine world for a living and today he still has a Sewing Machine Servicing & Repair Business.


Alex, Writer and Master Craftsman, has a passion for Antique Sewing Machines and the history of their Inventors. He has written extensively on the subject providing us with a wealth of very interesting information.


He has also produced a book of helpful sewing hints “The Ultimate Sewing Machine Fault Finder” (Get it Here) as well as several other publications including for radio and television. He is acclaimed worldwide and has appeared on the BBC’s “The Great British Sewing Bee”


This extremely likeable, down to earth East Sussex Businessman has also provided us with several ‘not to be missed’ video clips on various Sewing Machine topics.


We’ll find out more about this very talented guy as time goes on

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