Sewing Machine Blog

Sewing Machine Blog
Welcome to my Blog.

Here I will be posting on all things ‘Sewing’, including ‘How To’ Articles and Videos as well as the ‘History of the Sewing Machine’.  If you are interested in Sewing as a Hobby or as a Business you will find all kinds of fascinating Tips to help you with your latest Project.

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For your convenience I have also added Quilting and Embroidery supplies and many other Sewing Accessories, such as scissors, tape measures cutting mats etc. etc.

You need never run out of Sewing supplies again. And the great thing is you can find them all in one place which saves you so much time and effort.

I hope you will enjoy my Blog where I will share some of my own stories about sewing and related topics as well as, and perhaps more importantly, ‘How To’ Videos and Articles presented by the most celebrated and knowledgable people in the UK and around the world.

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Thanks for reading